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Luke Pascoe is a seriously stunning English lad with a massive fat uncut cock, who just loves arse-stretching. You will be amazed when you watch this shoot. Not only is his dick unbelievably thick, Luke rams an unbelievably thick dildo up his arse as well - this solo will get you cumming in your pants. I'd get them off now if I were you - don't say you haven't been warned!!

Luke is a slim young lad. He starts off by lifting his top to reveal amazing abs and a really tight six-pack. He plays with his nipples as he rubs the bulge in his trackies. This never seems to stop growing and as he pulls his trackies down you can see the fattest bulge imaginable straining inside his tight white briefs. He teases you by rubbing and squeezing it a little; then, finally, he takes his briefs off the show you his monstercock in all it's pulsing glory!! This massive uncut slab of man-meat is about 9 inches long and about 7 inches wide - I'm not kidding!! He slowly plays with it as he rubs his smooth pink boy-hole at the same time. Luke loves to play with his arse and inserts one finger - and then two, using them to fuck his arse as he continues jerking with the other hand.

Standing up, this seriously big English lad, gives the camera many angle opportunities before taking a massive thick dildo, greasing it and then squatting down and riding it all the way to the base!! Returning to the settee, Luke continues to fuck himself with this big dildo more roughly - it's quite intense to watch! Finally, jerking harder and faster, English lad Luke shoots a massive load - tons of sticky cum spurting from his monster uncut dick! An incredible climax to this hot British boy's show. Now for those of you with a weak constitution, better have the smelling salts handy - for all you other horny guys, poppers should do!!

Hot uncut top flips

British lad Luke is back - he's been taking a break from the porn business for a while and was sorely missed. During his time away, he's been keeping an eye on the newcomers to the studio and there were a few that he'd seen (and, as he admits, wanked over) and that he wants to get his hands on now he's back - one of them being Sammy. Sammy had already admitted to us that he was disappointed by Luke's absence as he was really hot for him so the stage was set for a horny scene -there's nothing like watching these two uncut British boys with a genuine desire for each other. And there's nothing like watching a scene with a surprising twist to it!!

Sammy said that it was Luke's fat thick chunky uncut cock that first attracted him, and after a gently kissing session Luke's signature boner sprang forth from his pants. Sammy wasted no time in getting down on that fat slab of man-meat, sucking down to the hilt and back up to the silky foreskinned tip - he's quite an expert cock-sucker! Luke returns the favour and these two British lads gorge on each other like they're the best cakes in the bakery (or should that be the best buns?!).

Now for the moment Sammy had dreamt about, getting fucked by Luke's monster. Luke bent Sammy over and banged away hard on his butt - Sammy loved every thrust of Luke's fat uncut meat. With Sammy taking it hard and fast like the pro-bottom that he is, Luke needed to get in deeper and flicked him over on his back, ramming him hard. This is Sammy favourite position and his moans and groans of pleasure made Like want to fuck him faster and even harder.

Now for the surprise: taking a break, Luke asks Sammy if he wants to have a go on him!! Sammy admitted later that he couldn't believe his luck. Luke rides the length of Sammy's thick uncut shaft and Sammy fucks up from underneath. Sammy grabs Luke's cock and jerks at it at the same time as fucking him - this was all too much for Luke and he shoots a huge creamy load all over Sammy's chest! Two horny uncut British boys and a confirmed top flipping, this film is sensational! Welcome back Luke!!

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English lad, Justin, is seriously hot. Stunningly handsome with a super-toned body, and looking really horny in black sports singlet and shorts. Justin is hard right from the off and he plays with his stiff cock in his pants, showing the outline of it as his lifts his top to reveal his amazing body - toned and sculpted pecs, biceps and abs. Justin removes his singlet then stretches out on the settee, leans back and spreads his legs wide, and releases his rock-solid dick from the side of his shorts. Wow, a perfect cock - 7-inches, thick and uncut. Dropping his shorts, Justin slowly strokes his cock as he rubs a finger against his asshole before slipping it inside, gently working his hole. With a bit of spit, he then slips a second finger in!

Standing up, he plays with his foreskin and there are some extreme close-ups! Justin continues to jerk before turning round, bending over and showing his beautiful round smooth arse, pushing his hard dick between his legs at the same time! Back on the sofa, this English lad starts to wank hard and soon after shoots a big thick creamy load of spunk all over his beautiful body! Check out this incredibly handsome, sexy, uncut British boy here! Believe you me, this hot English lad doesn't live up to his name - not with a big thick uncut cock like that!!