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Hot uncut British boy

British lad Matt spends his summers in Cambridge on a punt, propelling tourists along the river. This is a tough job and Matt certainly has worked up a great body with all that exercise. He has a lean and toned torso, and add that to his sensual dreamy good looks, it's no wonder Matt has tourists flocking to his boat. However, it's this straight boy's big uncut cock that will get you guys flocking to his hot shoot!

Matt is rightly proud of his worked-out body and he gets down to his tight white boxers and films himself playing with his cock through the thin material. Once they come off, he reveals his soft uncut cock, nestling in a great bush, waiting for some attention. All Matt has to do is rub his balls and stroke his cock just a little, and his small soft cock suddenly becomes a huge uncut throbbing handful!

Matt wanks enthusiastically on his cock before this British lad throws his legs high in the air, spreads them wide and shows off his hairy straight-boy hole! More sensuous wanking follows this until Matt spurts out a lovely stream of warm, creamy, cum all over his chest, arm, abs and even the bed!! Check out this messy straight lad! British boy Matt is as skilled with his uncut pole as he is with the punt pole!

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These English lads have a really natural, horny, man sex session here. It was totally unplanned as they were in the studio for other shoots but the wanton desire and lust for each other was just too good to miss. They were flirting like crazy, eyeing each other up and down, and more than happy to have the cameras switched on!

Their lustful kissing soon led to caressing and licking each other's hardening uncut dicks through their underwear. Once totally naked, they worked on some serious blow-jobs, both guys being expert cock suckers. They take turns deep-throating before Tony turned his attention to JP's wondrous muscled butt, and going down for a good deep munch.

But JP was so desperate to have Tony's uncut throbber in his hole and he climbs on top of Tony's rock-hard dick and gently takes in the full length of his fat uncut shaft. JP is soon begging to be 'banged harder' and the pace really kicks up a notch. Tony thrust up from underneath, then gets JP to the edge of the bed and humps him on his back, hard and fast! JP moans with every thrust, in pure pleasure. Flipping JP over, Tony fucks him doggy-style and that was just too much for JP - he dumps his load all over the bed and Tony dumps his own load all over JP's peachy butt cheeks! The attraction between these two uncut English lads is fantastic and it's the unplanned, accidental, shoots that sometimes can be the hottest!

Unusual implanted uncut cock

British boy, John Michael, is a striking lad with a great talent - he shoots really, really hard! This is John´s first time on camera but his is totally confident. he has great looks, piercing green eyes, black hair and his features are chiseled and sharp.

John's body it really toned and tight from years of martial arts work-outs. Not an inch of fat on him, just tight, lean, muscles. His thick, 7.5 inch uncut dick has something quite unusual - an implant just under the skin, which he can move about - something for those of you who like things a bit different!

This British boy starts off on the settee, legs wide apart and with no underpants on he gives you a sneaky peek at what's underneath his shiny shorts. Lifting his singlet, he reveals a super-taut washboard stomach. Slipping his top behind his head, he plays with himself, slipping his hands inside his shorts and pulls his big hairy balls out of the side. He rubs them a bit before slipping his shorts down and giving you the first good look at his perfect thick uncut cock.

John likes things on the bizarre fetish side - he has a wild tattoo on his arm and he says he did the plastic implant himself. As he plays with his cock, he gets rock-solid, jerking it slowly and looking sexily at the camera. Standing, he rubs oil all over his hard muscled body and plays with his cock some more, moving his implant around gently under the surface of his skin. John says he loves how it feel.

Returning to wanking off, his uncut cock rock-hard and throbbing now, you get some great camera angles from above and below, and some really close-ups of his oiled shiny cock as he beats it with more intensity. His breathing gets quicker and heavier and you know he is just about to blow. Suddenly a massive jet of jizz shoots out so hard it flies over two metres across the room, followed by three more squirts of equally powerful ropes of creamy cum, yet he keeps on jerking and squeezing out more white stuff!! Amazing - one of the strongest cum shots I've ever seen!! This British boy with his implanted uncut cock is very unique.