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Some men look stunning in a suit and we knew British guy Stefan was one of them. His dark smoldering looks match the dark tailoring perfectly. And there's something about a guy in a suit, wearing a jockstrap underneath - especially if underneath that there's a big uncut cock!

Not that the suit stayed on long. Stefan was happy to put on a show about removing his clothes, giving that sexy grin that's weakened many a knee! He slowly strips down to his jockstrap. letting his fat uncut dick spring rock hard and free. He turns round to show his ass, pulling his muscled cheeks apart. Want your own strip show with this handsome, sexy, British guy freeing his big uncut cock, he's here. A man in a suit and a jockstrap - my fantasy!

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Here's a hot duo of British boys for you, The scene starts with Cameron caressing the enormous bulge in Tyler's sports shorts. Tyler stands up and Cameron drops to his knees, and pulls Tyler's huge monstercock from the side of his shorts. He opens his mouth as wide as possible and slowly goes down on this amazing dick as deep as he can - which is only about halfway down! Tyler is rock-hard and certainly has much more than a mouthful. Cameron licks all over this amazing monster, and jerks him as he nibbles his foreskin and knob. Switching over, Tyler demonstrates what a great blow-job he can give, sucking Cameron's fat 7 incher right down to his pubes. Cameron gets back to Tyler's cock, doing his best to get as much of it as he can down his throat, trying his best to take the sheer thickness of it, Tyler pushing his head down to help!! Then Cameron sits on Tyler's face to get his ass rimmed with Tyler pulling his cheeks apart to get his tongue in deep!

After the rimming, Cameron gets bent over the side of the bed and Tyler starts to maneuver his fat cock into Cameron's tight ass. It takes a while to work all that fat meat in but Cameron takes it like a man, and Tyler picks up the pace. You get some awesome camera angles of long strokes plowing deep into Cameron's tight little boy-hole! It is so horny to see suck a sweet young white ass getting stretched beyond belief by a huge, fat, uncut black cock. The fucking speeds up as they change positions with Cameron first on his side, then on his back, trying every way to get all of that monster man-meat even deeper into Cameron's hole. Finally these two British boys just have to cum - Cameron wanks his throbbing cock until he blows a big load of cum over his chest, then Tyler jerks off over his face, shooting a huge creamy load of spunk all over Cameron's lips and into his mouth, with his thick, sticky cum dripping in long ropes over his tongue. This is an awesome scene with two hot British boys - as awesome as Tyler's massive uncut monstercock and Cameron's accommodating, but now very sore, asshole!!

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The British Marines are the elite and Tyler is one of the best. This hot, hard, hunk certainly knows how to look after himself - and he certainly knows how to look after his big uncut cock! All that strict training means that Tyler has a naturally muscular body which he's adorned with tattoos collected from various ports around the world.

Marines are trained to take orders and Tyler does just that. Our hard British boy is really a soft puppy underneath, loving getting an order right with the bonus of another order! Tyler does a great job at stripping down, displaying his muscular tattooed body, looking damn hot in his tight boxers. Being ordered to take them off, Tyler strokes and plays with his fit body before turning his attention to his big uncut cock, stroking it to a really impressive hard-on, his foreskin stretching tight around his shiny knob. He's ordered to play with his hairy virgin fuck-hole, using fingers and toys, before being ordered to wank his big uncut cock to a blasting orgasm, spattering thick creamy cum all over the place. This British Marine does it all. Tyler's big uncut cock will soon have you standing to attention!