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Tattooed uncut English top flips

Here's a nice little turnaround - hot and tattooed, uncut British boy Kieron has done some solo shoots before and now it time for his debut in a duo. Kieron claimed to be a total top in his solo shoot, but after seeing how hot his partner-to-be, Lincoln, was, he surprised everyone by saying that he'd like to get fucked by him!

Now, for those of you who have seen English lad Lincoln before, you'll know that he has a big, fat, uncut dick and he likes to fuck really hard - he's scared off quite a few enthusiastic bottom boys! Still Kieron was sure that Lincoln was the guy to break him in - he wanted to slurp on every inch of his dick and feel it probing deep inside his ass - needless to say, after getting a good look at Kieron's sexy good-looks and his hot tattooed body, Lincoln was more that happy to oblige!!

Well, the studio crew were not sure what to expect, nor whether this scene was going to work out ok, but after some extreme foreplay including masterful dick sucking and deep-throating, the moment of truth came - Lincoln greased up his massive uncut cock and plunged it deep inside Kieron. Kieron froze as in shock for a few seconds, then, with gasps and moans, Kieron let Lincoln go - and wow, does this Brit boy like to get fucked!! Lincoln used Kieron like a fuck toy, pounding his ass with an intensity that jumps right out of the screen. Once Lincoln was fucking Kieron on his back, both boys knew that neither could hold back any longer and both of the lads shot a big creamy load. We like it when a top flips but never would have thought that macho and tattooed kieron would end up with his legs waving in the air!!

Hot and toned hard uncut British boy

This straight English lad is quite a hunk. Matt is a painter and decorator. It's hard work and from this Matt has developed a fine toned body. He's a big lad, with a bit of a serious face that says 'don't fuck with me'! He has lovely developed pecs and fine toned abs, and if that wasn't enough he has a wondrous fat uncut cock.

Matt loves to wank outdoors, in the fresh air and sunshine and today he's going to do that for you. He's great on camera as he likes the attention. Feeling the warmth on his body, our English straight boy plays really slow and teasingly - one minute gently wanking his cock, the next tugging on his foreskin, then playing and squeezing his big round hairy balls. This straight boy isn't shy, he keeps teasing you with glimpses of his ass as he works his throbbing member, then lies back to show you his really munchable hairy fuck-hole. After a lot of teasing, touching and squeezing, Matt sits back and dumps a thick creamy load. English lad uncut cock at it's best! This straight painter and decorator certainly produces some impressive plaster!

Uncut British lads red hot sex

You uncut English lad lovers better get the tissues ready - this films a real scorcher! These Brit boys are so into each other that nothing could have stopped them once they started having sex. The studio could have burned down around them and Kai wouldn't have let go of William's fabulously thick, long, uncut cock buried deep in his ass!

Right from the off, these two hot lads pounce on each other, kissing fast and hard. Both guys are really hard still in their underpants and when William pulls Kai's boxers off his cock flicks up and smacks him right in the face. The blow-jobs that follow are incredible; Kai deep-throats every inch that William has to offer (and he's got lots!), while William gets to lick on the huge amount of pre-cum that Kai is leaking from his throbbing uncut monster.

Once they start fucking, you can tell from the noise that Kai is making that he's taking William's cock deep and hard; there's no 'slow-down' or 'take it easy'! Instead Kai pushes back on that huge cock and demands to get fucked harder! Kai had to keep stopping William wanking his cock as he was fucking him, as he was getting too close to cumming. Eventually, he had to give in and lets William wank him to a blasting orgasm with his cock is still buried deep inside him. William pulls out, climbing up the bed he gives Kai one very large facial!! I'm not joking, the sex between these two horny uncut English lads is so hot it could burn the studio down - but they'd carry on fucking anyway!!